Indian Native Honey Bee

DYU is India's 1st native honey bee - Apis cerana indica, honey brand.

Apis cerana indica, the Indian honey bee, is a subspecies of the Asiatic honey bee. It is one of the predominant bees found in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and mainland Asia. Relatively non-aggressive and rarely exhibiting swarming behavior, it is ideal for beekeeping.

They usually build multiple combed nests in tree hollows and man-made structures. These bees can adapt to living in purpose-made hives and cavities. Their nesting habit means that they can potentially colonize temperate or mountain areas with prolonged winters or cold temperatures. Colonies contain only a few thousand workers, compared to the 50,000 typical of European honey bees.

Considering the smaller colony sizes most of the Indian beekeepers in geographies where the European honey bee (Apis mellifera) can survive have stopped using Indian native honey bee. the art of beekeeping using Apis cerana indica is confined to high tropical regions of India. Western ghats region in South Karnataka, Parts of Kerala, and northeastern states is where this is still being practiced. Once what was the norm, it is now an art!!

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