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DYU Story

Dyu. Pronounced [dh-yuh]. To glow. And that’s what you will find inside every bottle of DYU pure artisanal and DYU pure raw honey. Viscous strings of delectable honey, the way it was meant to be, with very little man-made interference between the hive and your hands.

Extracted drop by drip, with a superior collecting process that retains the honey with lesser moisture content, leaving you with a superior taste. Sourced from Apis Cerana Indica ( Indian Native Honey bee) of the Western Ghats, an area famous for its naturally rich terroir that further enhances the honey with mineral-rich therapeutic qualities.

A gourmet-worthy potion, with a comparatively lesser percentage of sucrose, retaining all its antioxidant charm. True to its name, hand-bottled in a glow, you can taste the fresh artisanal unadulterated sweet gold. Drop by drip.

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Who are we?


DYU translates to ‘glow’ in Sanskrit. DYU Honey was born out of the philosophy to deliver purity and goodness in the form of nourishment to people and help them glow inside out. And that’s what you will find inside every bottle of DYU Pure Raw Honey and DYU Pure Artisanal Honey - viscous strings of delectable honey, the way it was meant to be, with very little man-made interference between the hive and your hands.

Sourced from the Western Ghats, an area far away from pollution and urbanization and known for its naturally rich terroir, medicinal flora, varied fauna, and dense forests, DYU Honey brings to you the best of the best from these stretches. 

DYU is India’s first and only honey brand that brings honey from one of the native honey bee species - Apis cerana indica

Today, due to the low yield of honey from this bee species, the art of beekeeping using native honey bees of the Indian subcontinent is now confined to high tropical regions of the country like the Western Ghats of Karnataka, Kerala and North Eastern region. 

Tatva Agrotech through its DYU brand is striving to keep this art alive as well as improve the income levels of these small beekeepers.  Apis cerana indica beekeeping also helps in preserving the rich unique flora of western ghats as well as the Indian subcontinent by encouraging native beekeeping. Native honey bee Apis cerana indica is small in size thus helps the pollination of smaller medicinally rich flowers. This also helps in a way preserve fauna especially those surviving on small plants and berries.
DYU intends to bring rich native bee honey from across geographies as well as products based on the honey ecosystem as a small contribution towards the upkeep of the ecology and the socio-economic betterment of the marginalized farmers' cum beekeepers.

Ethics & Values


The brand not only stands for delivering goodness and purity for consumption but also ensures that it looks after the environment in the bigger picture. 

  • Our beekeepers ensure that the honeycomb is completely sealed by the bees before harvesting. This ensures that honey has gone through its complete natural cycle and is ready.


  • Every batch of honey that we procure is tested for purity. This means that it has been tested & certified as pure & genuine honey and is 100 % free of any kind of adulteration or artificial flavoring. We do our best to bring to you honey that is as natural as produced by the bees. 

  • We do not let our honey undergo any kind of processing that makes the taste or color consistent. What we promise and strive for is to bring to you honey in its purest and most natural form. We do not promise commercial attributes such as consistent taste, color or viscosity as this is not something that pure honey guarantees. 

  • Once in our possession, we do not let honey touch plastic. Honey is best stored in ceramic or glass. It's only glass bottles that you will find our honey in. 

  • ​We work with beekeepers who put the bees and the health of the environment first, using ethical and sustainable beekeeping and harvesting methods and practices.



Taste a spoonful of DYU and you will drive down the memory lane within seconds. Years before being labeled DYU Honey, this honey was a staple at our home, brought from our grandmother’s village in Dakshina Karnataka. Our friends, family, and visitors loved the taste and kept asking for more. This is when we realized that we wanted to launch something so delectable and pure for the world to savor - a taste that would take them back to their childhood and have them experience goodness in the purest form.


Like our ancestors, we too have always believed in consuming honey as a sweetener and have avoided processed sweeteners such as white table sugar. We not only want to bring the same healthy practice and restore honey as a permanent fixture on the dining table but also want to support beekeepers who practice indigenous and ethical beekeeping. Our goals in turn bring people the great health benefits of consuming pure artisanal honey, help small beekeepers with their livelihood, and preserve natural vegetation.


Meet The Team


Beekeeper at Work


Our Source

The very reason of our existence. We are very grateful to beekeepers around the tropical regions for still following the tradition of beekeeping of the indian native honey bee variety, Apis cerana indica

Though the yield  is almost 1/5th of the europa bee (commercial bee used across India) 


Susri SP

Susri is the travel bug,  Widely traveled she has visited over 22 countries and more than 15 states of India. An expert in Salads and soups. The mother of two loves to watch tennis.

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Shivanandan Pare


Professional with 20+ years of experience across consumer businesses, corporate strategy, and investment banking. Avid cyclist.

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Marketplace Manager

Jeevitha mother of 2 manages online operations.

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Operations Manager

Srinivasa is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience and handles complete operations.

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