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The DYU story

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

When we were clear about launching the Indian native bee honey from western ghats, the next question to answer was what should be the brand name.

We wanted to a Sanskrit name for what honey stands for. One of the main reasons honey is suggested to be consumed is to help one build immunity from within. However, when we started researching deeper we came across the varied applications of honey in beauty and grooming as well.

Cleopatra one of the most beautiful women recorded in mankind history was famously known to take bath with honey and milk. This was supposed to be one of the main secrets of her beauty. Apart from this, she would moisturize her face and skin with honey. So most of her grooming had one common ingredient “HONEY”. Her skin & face was known for its glow.

In rural India, honey was also used as an antiseptic and used extensively to remove scars. Honey was used soon after burns so that there is no scar.

We knew that these applications of honey end up in giving the skin a natural glow. Add this to the immunity which can be interpreted as internal glow. So we arrived at “GLOW” as the single attribute for describing our honey.

While there were umpteen words in Sanskrit meaning glow, we were also looking at words that can be spelled out with 3 English letters. DHYU in Sanskrit means to glow, we took the creative liberty and named our honey as DYU. Glow – surely you will with DYU !!

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